.5G Sativa Refill


Sativa cannabis plants have thinner leaves and longer flowering cycles than their indica counterparts. They’re also taller: Some sativas can grow upwards of 25 feet, though most stay under 12 feet tall. This platform is specifically designed to deliver the highest vapour volume of premium extracts. Visit Leafly for more strain information via the links below.

  • Full Spectrum Extract
  • Organic BC Bud
  • CO2 Super Critically Extracted
  • Solvent-Free
  • No Additives/Synthetic Terpenes/ No Vitamin E Acetate

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  • Lemon Thai
  • Crystal Coma
  • Green Crack
  • Black
  • White
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.5G Sativa Refill


  • .5 Gram refill
  • Industry-first porcelain ceramic mouthpiece
  • Ceramic Heating Element
  • Breath activation for micro-dosing

Lemon Thai

Crystal Coma

Green Crack


Lemon Thai, Crystal Coma, Green Crack


Black, White