Healing Over High

The world is changing and people are beginning to see that Cannabis is about so much more than just smoking and getting high. Its truly about healing, connection and allowing us to enjoy the entirety of life.
We are a part of a culture that is 5000 years in the making and in North America we are just beginning to appreciate that. KIF is all about fostering that understanding and growth.

How We Started

Our journey started 2 decades ago when we started growing cannabis in order to provide alternative healing options for our family. We then began to do more and more research, initially seeking for better growing methods and over all knowledge.

Our Knowledge

We’re influenced by ideas, concepts and histories from all over the world. Whether it was organic growing tips picked up from visits to Jamaica, learning about how warring tribes in India use it to influence more productive peace talks, or while in Morocco we learned that putting a pinch of KIF in your morning coffee makes for an amazing new experience.

KIF is for those sophisticated enthusiasts who pursue their passions while embracing life’s tranquility’s and pleasures. For those of us who live for a sun that is warm and deep, a beat that is rhythmic and full, and a culture that is rich and wise.

Please get in touch with us via email if you have any questions.