Our Grow

Our Process

We simply start with the best seeds we can find on the market. We grow with purified water, through a reverse osmosis system giving us another perfectly balanced foundation for growth.

Our Ingredients

Our list of of proprietary ingredients are as follows… Hahaha are you kidding? We can’t tell you all that, It’s proprietary! What we can tell you is that we pride ourselves on being as close to organic as anyone can be. We have all of our flower tested to insure that we meet all current Health Canada requirements but more importantly our products are used by ourselves, our families and friends.
We love our plants, We know that they are your medicine as well as ours, so great care is taken on every stage of development. We don’t spray chemicals to control pests. We take take a preventative approach with an IPMP, (Integrated pest management program) Within that program, natural predatory pests are used to control the pest we don’t want. Here at KIF we are the sophisticated enthusiast demanding that our products be the best they can be.